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Our Customers

As ambassadors of gourmet produce, Fresh Gourmet is proud to support a variety of customers across different pillars of the local food & hospitality industry - including partnerships lasting more than a decade. We are excited daily by the opportunity to understand the unique needs of each customer and deliver effective solutions for success. Read on below to learn about some of our key customers and the value-add we provide for them

Over decades, we have developed expertise in servicing restaurants across cuisines (from east to west), size (from independent concepts to larger chains or groups) and price points (from fine-dining to casual). Regardless of concept and size, we are trusted by our restaurant customers to provide produce of consistent quality and supply, value added services and industry knowledge. 

Interested to hear more about how we can help value-add to your business?

Please find our contact information here, we look forward to speaking with you! 

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