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Our History

Fresh Gourmet was founded in 1998 as a premium importer and distributor for the local food & hospitality industry, bringing the finest meats from around the world to Singapore’s sunny shores. Growing from strength to strength, Fresh Gourmet today provides an exciting portfolio of gourmet food products catering to the business needs of our customers across different industries and cuisines. We continue to take pride in providing world-class produce to help businesses and consumers alike realize fine epicurean experiences and celebrate the joys of life.  

Our Standard

Over the decades, Fresh Gourmet has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable distributor to many long-standing customers sharing our love of good food. This was achieved through our unwavering commitment towards: 

Procurement Excellence

After years of partnerships with thoughtfully curated suppliers passionate about exceptional produce from all corners of the world, Fresh Gourmet has created a robust global procurement network to reliably meet the dynamic needs of our customers. This allows us to act as a trusted business partner, providing an exciting range of world-class produce with stability in pricing and supply to support the smooth operations of our customers  

Food Quality & Safety

Fresh Gourmet utilizes a proprietary system of guidelines and operating procedures to ensure the quality, safety and regulatory compliance of our produce across the supply chain - from supplier management to production, packaging and distribution – which is constantly reviewed and improved to assimilate new innovations. This is complemented by our logistic infrastructure that includes our in-house warehouses, production facilities and delivery fleet which are ISO22000:2018 accredited – reflecting our ability to meet international food safety management standards 

Customer Service

Our great products only shine with equally great service. Thus, our friendly and dedicated team work tirelessly every day to understand and deliver on the unique requirements of each customer. We also strive to provide value-adding industry expertise (e.g. product knowledge and innovation, cost optimization) and services (e.g. meat portioning and processing, daily deliveries, stand-by stock) to help our customers achieve business excellence and operational efficiency.  

If you are keen to work with us, please find our contact information here.

We look forward to speakng with you! 

Home Gourmet

Looking to enjoy our gourmet offerings with loved ones at home? Check out an exciting line-up of delicacies offered on Home Gourmet (our direct-to-consumer platform) at Alternatively, you can Whatsapp us at +65 9248 4857.  

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